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    Learn Spiritual Response Therapy, a phenomenal spiritual healing modality, in a supportive and informative environment and empower yourself!  You will learn a lot about how you have come to acquire these records and learn about why you do what you do and think the way you think while clearing your own Akashic Records for your transformation.

SRT is a non-denominational practice that uses your inherent spiritual nature and connected-ness to reprogram your physical, mental and emotional lives to your highest good. In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to work with Spirit and your High Self to reclaim your highest potential.  By releasing negative subconscious blocks and soul programs from the subconscious mind, clearing past life discordant energies and receiving spiritual healing, SRT will allow you to transcend and grow.  The use of muscle testing will allow you to bypass your mind and negative programming to connect with your guidance within.  Well constructed charts and a pendulum (used as a movement amplifier and pointer as you communicate with your High Self) are the other tools used to gain access to your High Self knowledge. 

     Negative entrenched programs, aspects and subconscious beliefs can affect our health, relationships, productivity,   prosperity and spiritual well being.  SRT is an invaluable tool to help you identify and clear these blocks and beliefs.  Working with our spiritual connections and changing negative behavior patterns and thoughts is much easier once these subconscious programs have been removed.  You will explore methods to identify and release negative energies which may have arisen from the soul record, past, present or future lives.  You will easily learn to use a pendulum and research charts to clear yourself of subconscious blocks, fears, traumas, conflicts, self-punishment, negative soul programming and obtain inner direction from your High Self.  

SRT shows and reminds us that we are spiritual beings living in an often confusing and challenging physical world. You have the ability to transform your energy into a positive life affirming experience.

Basic SRT Classes include information, direction and practical application and all materials. 


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