What are the Benefits of Energy Clearing?


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Energy clearing is a new paradigm, complimenting personal coaching with cutting-edge energy therapy techniques to help you transform your life.  

With Energy Clearing, you can expect to...

  Eliminate emotional pain and distress at their source.

  Feel happier and more joyful, content, relaxed, and self-confident.


  Eliminate the blocks to having what you desire.

  Be more able to take action, and act with thought and wisdom


  Experience self-empowerment, spiritual growth and fulfillment.

  Clear cellular memory from present and past lifetimes.


  Release the negative effects of traumas and painful experiences.

  Experience synchronicity, and see possibilities you did not see before.


  Bring about more positive results in your life.


Although Acupuncture has gained much more acceptance in our culture recently, there are literally hundreds of energy healing techniques.  This is because our subtle energy fields or structures are not only sensitive to physical stimulation, but also to emotions, thoughts and frequency.   External stimuli such as colours, sounds and electro-magnetic energy all create frequency, which can be applied to the energy fields for rebalancing and healing.  Internal stimulation such as creative visualization creates positive frequencies too, and has immediate positive impact on the energy bodies.  Energy healing techniques come in many interesting variations, but they all share a common purpose of working to produce healing frequencies.

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