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This exciting process examines your individual concrete base.  Change beliefs that were set up a various ages, creating a new positive concrete base from which your life can advance.   The brain is an instrument of the physical body. It is the device we use to make conscious determinations as to what life is about and how to work with life. Work with the soul (the mind of the body) and the brain to release discordant programming, thus bringing about harmony between the physical brain and the mind.

     Every person has some programming in the brain that can and usually does limit a full and complete harmonious expression of life. Re-structuring is a way to uncover and change these patterns from ones that limit life to ones that promote life. Amazing changes take place in a person's life when their brain cells have been re-structured and re-patterned.

When the soul attaches to the fetus, it sets up a negative concrete base, consisting of four negative statements. These involve the soul's programs and unresolved past life energies, and are set up as challenges for the present life.

     This process reveals dominance patterns we have lived with over time which contributes to attitudes and behaviors that are very deeply rooted within our consciousness within our brain cells the backup computer to our personal files! and then quickly clears and reprograms the brain cells installing new, positive programs, patterns and attitudes.

     The negative programs are released and replaced with positive, life-affirming ones.


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