What are the Benefits of

                Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing?


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Energy Healing

     Energy healing is increasingly gaining acceptance as a valuable and non-invasive way to bring the body to optimal functioning. As more and more people experience the relaxation of stress, removal of energy blocks, the gentle safe and effective relief of many health discomforts and imbalances, energy healing is currently becoming recognized as an important part of any health care program.

     For thousands of years, Eastern medicine has focused on the electromagnetic energy field of the human body. The energy within this field has been given different names by various cultures, including Ki (Japan), Chi (China), Prana (India), Qi, Tao, Diving Intelligence and Unconditional Love.

     This energy flows through channels known as chakras or meridians. The flow of energy can become blocked by physical injury, illness, surgery, emotional trauma and stress. With Energy Healing, we are able to clear the blockages in the energy field and allow the body
to heal naturally.


 Spiritual Healing

     Spiritual Healing is an integral step towards our spiritual growth and evolution. I work directly with Spirit in all of the Spiritual Healing work that I do. Working with my Spiritual Committee, who works with your High Self, we are able to clear your Akashic Records and apply healing that allows your body to heal naturally.


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