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TAT is an acupressure technique that can reduce traumatic stress, allergic reactions or any fixed emotional state.  It allows information and energy to be processed by a person’s whole body and mind in minutes.  The trauma is moved from the scale of judgment to the place in ourselves wherein all things are included and we feel at peace with them.  In applying Tapas Acupressure Technique, transformation happens in a few minutes.  It is body-felt change, not a mental determination. 

     What if the traumatic event were really part of you and not separate from you?  What if that moment, including all the players, were really part of yourself?  TAT works on the principle that the inability to recognize that all events are part of who we are is what creates traumatic stress.  This separation gives the trauma power.  Part of you is ‘here’ and part of you is ‘there’, and trying to hold it away from yourself is very tiring.  It takes constant vigilance.  You are trying to maintain a separation between parts of your own self.  You are fighting your own energy. 

     When you do TAT, these two parts come together.  Being freed from trying to hold it away from yourself is energizing.  Your immune system no longer has to be constantly on the alert trying to protect you from what was really yours all along.  You may be thinking that you are not that ‘bad thing’ and could never be a person who would do that kind of thing.  But as Pogo the comic strip character said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

     According to Traditional Chinese medicine, many acupuncture meridians merge and enter the brain at specific points on the body.  TAT involves touching these points, on the skull and near the eyes, to activate the brain’s vision centre.  Leading-edge physics research has shown that information in the body is communicated by the body's own light or bio photon system. 

     When a trauma occurs, it is just like pushing the ‘hold’ button on a VCR.  Applying TAT is like pushing ‘play’.  The information that was on hold is ‘seen’ by activating the vision system and the individual can truly let go of the past. 


     When applying TAT, the focus is on a trauma or energy stagnation and certain acupressure points are touched.  The combination of the person’s attention and the activation of the acupressure points opens up the flow of held information and allows it to reach the conscious mind.  It is then integrated into the person’s body-mind and released while simultaneously relieving any related physical, emotional or mental stress. 

     Tapas Acupressure Technique is an exciting accelerated information processing technique that has shown extraordinary results in the treatment of traumatic stress, allergic reactions and negative fixed emotional states.  TAT is based on the ancient system of Traditional Chinese medicine and allows information and energy to be processed by the body-mind system. 

     TAT is an acupressure technique that reduces traumatic stress or any fixed emotional state in minutes.  It reduces genetic traumas which have resulted in allergies or lack of self-esteem,  resolves negative beliefs, enhances intimate relationships, strengthens the immune system and lessens allergic and chemical reactions. 


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