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From Zero to HERO

7 Simple Steps For When

Your Gal is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad

From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad, contains a simple yet incredibly effective system, designed to take you from where you are now to being a powerful hero in your gal’s eyes and in her heart.

Are you looking for a simple solution that’s quick, easy and highly effective?

Well, here is an effective relationship rescue tool that puts you in the driver seat.   Yep – you get to be in control.

AND … you get to level up!

Here’s a chance for you to provide safety, comfort, connection and more love for the woman that you care about and have it reap huge rewards for you.

One of the Top Relationship & Dating Books for Guys!

dating books for guys tips advice on relationshipsAre you guilty of making things worse when you try to handle these moments? When she’s sick, sad or mad, it’s a huge headache for you.  You don’t know what to think; you don’t know what to say; you don’t know what to do.  You want to make things right, but you don’t know how.  Think it’s all about luck?  Then you’re missing a key to successful relationships with women.  It all comes down to some very simple, yet crucial, skills.

best book about relationshipsI don’t know about you, but I like to sleep well at night.  But if my loved one is feeling sick, sad or mad, I worry to the point of losing that all important sleep.

books on dating and relationshipsI lie awake at night wondering what can I do to make things right; what can I do to make things better; what can I provide that will make a difference in these situations?

That’s why the From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad technique, is so simple!


It helps me sleep at night…

 best personal development books dating books for guys


And enjoy the next morning.



The scenarios are set up in 7 simple steps; each is designed to build on one another in order to give you the best possible chance for success in that situation.Also,building a better relationship with the one you love in areas that most men feel at a loss as to just what to do. 

Scenario:  When she is… (sick, sad, mad)

Step 1:  Take notice
Step 2:  Assess the situation
Step 3:  Provide her space
Step 4:  When she looks to you
Step 5: Make contact
Step 6:  Re-assess
And Finally Step 7:  Celebrate the win!


You actually get to fix things.


implementing a strategy that can cost you nothing but a little of your time and effort.
I’ll show you how.

generating respect, appreciation and more love simply by directing the course of a conversation using simple phrases and questions, in a manner that is so subtle, your gal will not even realize it’s happening (she’ll certainly love and appreciate you for doing so).
I’ll show you how.

having your friends, colleaguesand buddies wondering what your secret is to feeling confident and in control of those touchy situations.

I’ll show you how.

best book about relationships

best books about dating

your friends, colleagues and buddies desperately seeking you out for advice and opinions, instead of you trying to get them to tell you.
I’ll show you how.

the benefits of having this powerful knowledge at your fingertips.

I’ll include a wallet size cheat sheet for your convenience.

having the confidence to walk into a room of people and without saying a word, identify numerous problems for which you could be the solution.
You’ll show them how.  Wow!


 best dating books for guys

best books on relationships

Women are everywhere, so why was it so hard to find the right one?  Feeling like you’re sometimes unlucky in love?  Then you simply must learn this technique and she’lltruly feel safe, secure, heard, cherished, valued, important, connected and loved.

If you want to guarantee lasting success in your relationship, you need to master the moments in which your relationship are made or lost.

This technique is not about getting out of the doghouse or a desperate attempt at trying to make the best of a situation. 

It is about building a rock-solid wayto handle these scenariosthat most men find difficult and perplexing to deal with. 

Over a very short period of time, it will provide you with an instant, simple and highly effective way to fix a problem that gets the desired results you are looking for.

Even when things get rocky, you CAN
put them back on the right track.

Part of the secret to being the one man a woman can’t help but want to be with is being the one man who handles these critical scenarios in an amazing way that other men don’t.

In this booklet, you will:


redLearn how to win her heart and equally, if not more important, her respect.


redDiscover the secret reasons behind her actions.


redDramatically increase your status in her mind and in her heart.


redStart making the BIG impact you are seeking.


redAvoid the #1 most costly mistake that will put you in the dog house even though you are trying your best to make her happy.


redGet the keys to recapturing and maintaining that loving feeling that you have for her.


redActually be able to provide for her needs in three areas that most men find extremely difficult, perplexing and baffling.


redDe-escalate conflict and confusion.

From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad

is available for the introductory price of $10.

This technique is worth its weight in gold.  Even if you are an experienced partner, this technique will help ease your mind and put you in a powerful position that takes command of the situation.

If you were to take this program with me live, you would be paying upwards of $400.00.  

But you can have  From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad  today for just $10!  


Perhaps you’ve read books on relationships and may have purchased expensive online programs that cost you a wad of money.  If so, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed with the hundreds of pages of material and examples provided.  It’s really quite overwhelming!  With so much information, you can be paralyzed with indecision. 

Where do you start?

How do you make the system perfect for you?

Forget perfection!  The only thing that matters is progress.

Get better each time you use it.


The choice is yours.


For the low introductory price of $10, you can have instant access to a system that really works!  Within minutes, you will have From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad down-loaded and begin to build your confidence and know-how right away.

I don’t believe in a lot of hype.  You get a solid compact system, with simple steps to build your confidence, know-how and ability to please her in these three often perceived touchy and difficult moments.  I only give you a few introductory pages that will help explain the reasons why your loved one does what she does and then you’re right into the material.  No fuss.  No fanfare.  We get right to work!

You won’t be inundated with hundreds of examples. 

I don’t dance around with conversational techniques.  I tell you exactly what to say and what to do that will that help build your confidence; then you can celebrate a win!

Consider how much energy you have already spent and will likely continue to spend on time, bruised feelings and gifts for her.  Wouldn’t $10 be a worthwhile investment?

Consider how much time and effort you have already spent on trying to fix things, while achieving only limited results.  If you take advantage of the knowledge contained in this little manual, you will save yourself time, hurt feelings and even possibly your relationship.  And… you’ll likely never go back to the old habits that didn’t work for you

If you’re happy with your existing try to make her happy and fix it strategy, then I congratulate you. But if you are even the slightest bit unhappy with how things go when she is sick, sad or mad, then you owe it to yourself to do…something…about it. 

Worried about wasting your money?  I know how that feels.

dating books for guys There’s nothing worse than spending money on something and then being disappointed.  That’s why I offer an unconditional 100%, 60-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.  No questions asked.

After reading From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad, if you feel that you aren’t satisfied with the information, I will refund 100% of the money you paid. 

It is my desire to give you an opportunity to easily build upon your relationship with your significant other, using this simple,concise system.

I have built my business on integrity and fair practices.

If you don’t think it’s going to work for you, return it

within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund.

No risk.  No hassles.  No arguments. 

That’s my promise to you.


The From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad technique is what’s missing for many conscious and conscientious men.  If your make her happy or fix the problem strategy isn’t generating the results you want, or if you’ve given your best efforts a shot and are thinking of quitting, you’ll help yourself out by using the technique in this program. 

They are simple to understand.

And they are simple to implement.

Yes relationships,trying to make her happy, fixing the problem or making it go away, can be very hard work; especially when you’re not certain what to do, not certain what to say and you still want to be her knight in shining armor.  You do not need a PhD to understand or implement.  The concepts are simple, simple.

Are you willing to learn a new trick
to stay out of the doghouse?

Don’t wait until you are at the point of:In case of emergency – break glass.


Don’t wait until the last minute.


Don’t book mark this page thinking you’ll get it later.
You won’t have time to look up things in the middle of a situation.


And remember, I’ve included a
wallet size cheat sheet for your convenience.


From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad manual is a PDF document that you can download and read it right after you’ve made your purchase.

You can begin putting the ideas to work immediately.  The steps are simple to understand and implement.

Leave the advertising hype to others.  Learn the From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad technique that really works. Quickly and easily,build a stronger connection with your loved one.



You get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the booklet.

 With a 60 day satisfaction guarantee,

One quick step to Hero!

Act Now.

P.S.  Please consider that this could be life-changing for you.  When you apply the information, you are one step closer to building a stronger relationship with your loved one.  It’s also one step closer to attaining that much needed non-toxic sanctuary at home; where friendly fire can be made a thing of the past.

P.P.S.“When experienced people come together, special efforts are necessary to overcome past problems so the relationship can succeed.  Problems exist because of a lack of essential skills to resolve them.  To have fulfilling and healthy relationships may require some new tactics.”

Watch for the forthcoming companion HERO book, Meeting Quality Men Needs… No Friendly Fire at the Home Front 

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