Best Personality Development Books

Five of the best personality development books around happines, dating, relationships and more! Tips, plans, goals and techniques on how to develop your personal skills!


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From Zero to HERO    10

From Zero to HERO:7 Simple Steps OR LESS,When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad, contains a simple yet incredibly effective system, designed to take you from where you are now to being a powerful hero in your gal’s eyes and in her heart.

Are you looking for a simple solution that’s quick, easy and highly effective?

Well, here is an effective relationship rescue tool that puts you in the driver seat.   Yep – you get to be in control.


best personality development books

So, What’ll You Have, Do Or Be Hon?     15

What if you decide to gain a higher state of awareness?

Within this book are transformational insights that are straightforward, easy to understand, inspiring and fun to do. Revealed are ways to alter self-defeating patterns.


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99+ Ways To Connect To Realist Happiness!    5

The happiness of you life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters.

Disconnect From Pain – Connect To Truth


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What Makes a Woman Tick!    Free

Discover What Makes a Woman Tick!

Here’s the Promise:

Carve out just a few minutes a day for 5 days to gain full understanding of what makes her tick.

No need to agonize over big boring books to gain the insight that many happy men have already come to learn for themselves in this insightful report.


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The Big Facade     Free

Are you looking to turn ineffective, weak and damaging thought patterns into behaviors that help boost your confidence, fast? Once the truth are known, it’s easy to use these tips and techniques to take you from crashing on the shore to living authentically in your power on dry land.